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n brief, you should know the following about us: Richard. J. Peters writes under the pen name of R.J.Peters and has written six novels. One titled Waldon House, a supernatural murder mystery and suspense published by Publish America in 2008 and a revised novel titled Waldon House Vol #2 published in January 2011 the other titled Revenge is Mine; a murder suspense crime thriller published by Publish America on  November 6th 2009, a revised novel titled Revenge is Mine Vol #2 published on February 4, 2012, COBBS FIELD published on October 22, 2010. and his latest novel Abram House 3rd in series to Waldon House Vol #2 published on February 6, 2013 We now have All four books for sale in our store. You can also purchase these books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Booksamillion and many other fine stores.

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