R. J. Peters
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This is the 2nd novel in the series about Richard Wood and his two Associates; Thomas Whitcomb and Karen White; they help solve crimes of murder and the supernatural. the first in this series was Waldon House, a murder, suspense and supernatural thriller published in 2008. Richard Wood receives a frantic call for help from a long time friend Walter Austin, who along with his wife Joan and friend Tony Roberts have gotten involved in a situation they fear they have no control over and are scared to death that they may lose their lives and their very souls. Madalynn Ross is a sorceress who's ancestors once performed their evil rituals on the Cobbs Field land, but had been kept off of it through the magic of the Cromwell family, who purchased it. Richard and his two associates leave N.Y. City and travel to Maine to try and help his friend. Upon arriving in Maine at the train station, Richard is attacked by one of Madalynn's familiars that she sent to stop him that tries to tear out Richard's eyes, but thanks to Tom Whitcomb's quick action it is captured and held prisoner. To complicate matters, Robert Bovier a C.P.A. has been hypnotized by Madalynn Ross and turned into a psychopathic killer to be used as a pawn in her evil scheme. He now thinks he is a vampire and is going around the countryside killing people. When Richard Wood meets two homicide detectives by accident that are working on the murder cases, one from Waterville and the other from Skowhegan, they ask for his help in finding this psychopathic killer. He declines their offer and informs them that he is all ready working on a case, later on; Richard is surprised to find that the two cases are actually one and the same when he becomes involved with both. Only in the last chapter does it all come together when everyone meets at the Cromwell House in Cobbs Field and ends in a climatic and horrifying finish.  Thank you for your interest!