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                                              CHAPTER I 


     For some time now, Richard Wood had been receiving visions of

two people. One was a very beautiful woman in her late twenties, with

long dark brown hair hanging down almost to her waist, and dark-

brown eyes that seemed to be looking straight through you and yet at

the same time they seemed to almost have a haunting look of sadness

to them. 

      The other was a handsome man in his early thirties, tall, short blonde

hair, which he wore in a crew cut style. His eyes seemed so light blue

that they reminded you of the sky. Every night, the man and woman

would appear in his dreams.


     Richard wood was a psychic, not a very well known one, but the

ability was there and he was very good. Mostly, he could sense things.

For instance whenever he met someone for the first time, he would

sense certain characteristics about them. It was easy for him to sense if

they were trustworthy or not. He could even sense it, if their mood was

going to change. Richard could walk into a house and receive a variety

of pictures, pictures of the past, present and sometimes even the future,

but not always the future. 

     Richard was in the business of Psychic Investigations. He had been
on quite a few cases already and had gained a little notoriety from a


couple of them. It seemed that after each case ended, his sense of

perception grew a little stronger. He also had learned that he could in

some instances receive mental images or thoughts. But as yet had no

success in sending his own.

Sitting alone in his front room he had turned off the lights and the

room was in semi-darkness. There was a little light coming from the

lighted billboards on the roof tops across the street from his apartment

that shown through his window. His telephone started ringing and all of

a sudden he could feel a chill ran up his spine. It gave him a start, and he

said out loud, "What the hell." He didn’t know why, but something told

him not to answer it, and too just let it keep on ringing. He thought,


voice on the other end was that of a woman. "Hello, Mr. Wood?"

"Yes, this is he."

"Oh Mr. Wood, I‘m so glad I’ve caught you at home! I need your

help so desperately!"

"Whom am I speaking to?" he asked.

"My name is Patricia Waldon. Mr. Wood, oh please say that you

will help me!"

"I’m afraid not. I have just finished a case and I am completely

exhausted from it, so I have decided to take a vacation and I am not

taking on any new cases at this time."

"Please, Mr. Wood! I read about you in the newspapers. You are the

only one that can help me! Money is no object!"

"I am sorry Miss, Mrs., Ms., or whatever."

"It’s, Miss Waldon."

"Okay Miss Waldon, as I said before, I am sorry, but I am not taking

on any new cases at this time. Thank you for calling, good-bye." He

hung up the phone and a minute later it was ringing again. Richard,

reached over and pushed the shut off switch. It could ring now and he

would not hear it.

Now the room was quiet once more. He had been sitting in the dark

resting his mind. Richard knew he was right in refusing this case, and

he really needed the rest. The case he had just finished had been a

tortuous one. Four people died and he had barely escaped with his life.