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   A hail of bullets made me dive behind the safety of a parked automobile. The rapid fire of automatic weapons shattered the silence of the night.

The buzzing sound interrupted Bill’s train of thought, suddenly bringing him back into the real world and out of the fantasy world he was creating. He had been trying to write this detective novel for the past two years. But something always seemed to find a way to distract him and keep him from writing. The way he figured it, at his present rate of writing it would be finished in around ten years. Now once again the buzzing sound interrupted his thoughts and he was beginning to feel a little annoyed. "What the heck is going on around here," He said out loud, breaking the silence of the room, as he was alone. Putting down his writing pad and pen he reached over and across his large solid mahogany wood desk and pressed the intercom button. "Yes? " Bill asked in an almost inquisitive and some what sounding agitated voice.                  
     "A Miss Patricia Wilson is here to see you, should I send her right in," asked his secretary Jean Pearson.

Bill said he needed a minute, then she could show her in. The name sounded very familiar for some reason. Then it hit him, ‘Of course.’ He had read about her in the newspapers and had watched as she was being interviewed on television only last week. It seemed that about two years ago she had suddenly disappeared and no one knew if she was alive or Both of her parents were very prominent in high society and worth mucho dinero. They were right up there with the richest of them. dead.

     Patricia's father had offered a large reward for her safe return at the time, but no one came forward with any kind of information. At first it had been thought she had been kidnapped, but no one had called, and no ransom was ever asked for. The police had written it off as someone who had just wanted to get lost in the crowd. You know, to hide out for their own reasons. It wasn't the first time that something like that happened, He knew there came a time when everyone would like to be left alone?

     The door opened, Jean, his secretary, and partner stepped into the room, and said, "Miss Patricia Wilson is here to see you."

Patricia Wilson walked into the room a moment later.

Bill asked her to sit in the chair, and explain to him what he could do for her?